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How Kelokal works

Let us connect you with Sellers in your area and get your items delivered in as fast as an hour.
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Shop your nearby items

  • Order your favorite local products and services with your computer or mobile device.

Seller prepares your order

  • Seller prepares the items you ordered for delivery

Delivery of your order

  • Seller arranges delivery in the fastest time possible.

Get your order

  • Get your order delivered to your doorstep.


Here are some common questions about shopping with Kelokal.com

My order is delayed, what should I do?

Kindly expect 2-3 working hours for your order to be processed. Order processing time may depend on how many items are in your order, and it is likely to be bundled with 1-2 other orders. You may be the last delivery of the batch.

For order that is delayed (exceeding the seller’s estimated delivery time frame), please contact our Customer Service Team using our chat services or email us at [email protected]

I received an incomplete order/wrong item, what should I do?

Sometimes the item you want might be out-of-stock. When this happens, the seller will be prompted to select the best possible replacement or request a refund for your item depending on your replacement instruction provided on the checkout page. If the seller requests a refund, you will receive an email informing you that the seller has requested a refund for the out-of-stock item, and we will make a refund to your wallet within 1 or 2 working days.

If you receive a completely wrong order or do not receive any refund request, please contact our Customer Service Team using our chat services or email us at [email protected] so we can assist you promptly.

Why is my order being refunded by the seller?

Seller may request a partial or full refund of your order where there is an inadequate stock to fulfill such order, where there will be an unreasonable delay in sourcing of the items or where the item has been wrongly advertised or priced.

Refund will be issued to your Kelokal Wallet within 1-2 working days and you can make a withdrawal to your bank account at any time or make payment for your next purchase on the Kelokal Platform. Go to ‘My Account’ > ‘Kelokal Wallet’ to check your balance.

What are Drop-off Options on the checkout page?

There are two types of drop-off options for you to receive your order delivery:
  • Leave order at my door – order will be left at a designated drop-off spot at your home, and customers will be notified that their order has arrived via email. This option is selected by default to minimize the risk of disease transmission and reduce human interaction.
  • Meet me outside – the delivery person will meet you outside.

How can I receive my refund?

After receiving the refund request, we will accept or reject the refund request based on the reason for the refund and the existing evidence provided.

  • If the refund request is accepted by us, we will provide a merchandise credit to your Kelokal Wallet within 1 or 2 working days. You can request to withdraw your wallet balance to your bank account at any time or make payment for your next purchase on the Kelokal Platform.
  • If the refund request is rejected by us (item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to seller’s error), you will not receive any refund.

What is Kelokal latest operating hours?

Kindly be informed that our customer service and delivery will be operating from 10.00am-6.00pm daily during the MCO/PPN, in line with the Government’s SOP.

Is my area deliverable?

Products and services on the Kelokal platform are visible to you within a radius of 25 kilometers, and the maximum delivery distance varies from seller to seller. You are advised to check the delivery availability on the checkout page or contact the seller directly on the seller page.

Can I checkout products together from different sellers?

Surely you can. If you see any item you like to purchase, just add it to your shopping list or shopping cart, and checkout all the items on one go! As Sellers are in different locations the delivery time for each of your packages may vary.

How do I get a receipt for my order?

To download a PDF copy of the receipt for your purchase, you can go to “My Account” > “Orders” and click the “Order Slip” button. The Order Slip button is only visible when the order status is changed to Completed.

Can I change my order after making payment?

Once you have made a payment for your order, it is not allowed to change any information such as shipping details, billing information or delivery method as the Seller may have started the delivery process.

How do I make payment with Kelokal Wallet?

During the checkout of your order, you will see that Kelokal Wallet is an accepted payment method, just select Kelokal Wallet as your payment method to checkout.

Does Kelokal.com offer COD?

Cash On Delivery is not available on the Kelokal Platform.


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